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  • Assaf Elovic

    Assaf Elovic

    software engineer | entrepreneur | assafelovic.com

  • rpa nomad

    rpa nomad

    is writing about robotic process automation

  • Neo Yi Peng

    Neo Yi Peng

    I condense insights/ideas from my machine learning experiments in the markets. Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3dsThtb

  • Kristina Jancar

    Kristina Jancar

    Fortune 100 Leader. Mama. Storyteller. Poet. Yoga Teacher. I feel my feelings—and I write about: Life | Self | Growth | Mindfulness | Relationships | Family ✨

  • Kieran Tan Kah Wang

    Kieran Tan Kah Wang

    Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Data Visualization | Perspective | https://www.linkedin.com/in/tankahwang/

  • Ev Williams

    Ev Williams

    CEO of Medium, partner at Obvious Ventures, co-founder of Twitter, curious consumer of ideas

  • Krystal Wascher

    Krystal Wascher

    Attorney with a dozen side hustles.

  • Peng Joon

    Peng Joon

    Motivation | Inspiration | Business ✏️ | Author 🎤 | Speaker 🤓 | Nerd in Disguise

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