In this article, we will look at posts from r/dating_advice and what are some popular dating advice in the lively community.

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Soreness, fever, and Eurasia TV

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Covid-19 pandemic and global-scale vaccination

About the tweets

In this article, we will look at DocuSign’s performance in FY2022 Quarter 1 with text mining techniques

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Natural Language Processing in short

Applying NLP techniques on earning calls

Will we see another supernova like Gamestop?

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Will we see another supernova like Gamestop?

Analyzing the CEO language of Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Tom Rutledge with Data Science

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Unlocking value from text data

Do the highest-paid CEOs speak the same way in Earnings Calls?

Dataset disclaimer

with Natural Language Processing techniques

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Musk, the always-tweeting tech

About the dataset

Tesla’s stock price was up 700% in 2020. And this is what Elon Musk has been telling everybody in Tesla’s quarterly earnings calls.

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2020, the best year for Tesla

Tesla’s stock price surge in Quarter 3

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Amidst the global pandemic, rises the Gamestop Saga

Borough, street, cuisine type to avoid in the city

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NYC food at its best

About the dataset

A summary after reading many StackOverflow posts, now with codes!

image by author: A retro chart generated in R.


Changing the world with data points, one word at a time. #naturalLanguageProcessing #textMining

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